Corned beef is meat that has been cured in a salt solution. Before refrigeration, meat was salted and cured to be preserved.

Corned beef is made in a curing process that takes five to eight days. When DIY-ed at home, single beef brisket is placed in a large pot of salt water and spices and kept in the fridge for a week. Read more from our friends at Food Network to help you from scratch.

We love to add sauce to our favorite meat options. The three most commonly used sauces with this salty beef treat are:

  1. Horseradish Cream- A little sour cream, horseradish makes everything better.
  2. Mustard- from yellow tab to a great stoned milled, there are not many mustards that do not work with corned beef.
  3. And with our favorite corned beef sandwich, The Reuben featuring Thousand Island Dressing. Reuben also includes cheese and can vary by region.

What is your favorite?

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