This starchy vegetable has a long history of being one of our favorite side dishes. As it became a staple dish in many cultures, each country and family took one of these ten shapes and made it into their creation with their signature flavors. From poutine to Irish nachos to loaded baked potatoes soup, the potato transforms many of our meals.

Ten Starchy Stilhouttes

  1. Steak Cut Fries
  2. Shoestring fries
  3. Shredded Potato Hash
  4. Mashed Potatoes
  5. Sweet Potatoes
  6. Waffled
  7. Curly Fries
  8. Wedged Potatoes
  9. Tater Tots
  10. Boiled Potatoes

Starchy Solution

Have the stomach bug: the starch in the potato can soothe the pinging stomach acid bouncing around. Boil a potato and add a little salt ONLY. It might be bland but can relieve this ailment.

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